Welcome to the Castle Dale Elementary Counseling page.

I am Darline DeBry, and I’m your School Counselor. Feel free to explore the different sections of the counseling web page.


What are the responsibilities of an Elementary School Counselor?

That is a great question!  School Counselors must earn a masters degree in education (MEd).  They are highly qualified to perform the following duties.


Are School Counselors Therapists?  No, we are not therapists.  We have the expertise to work with small groups, or individual students, to extend SEL understanding and lessons.  Students who need therapy should seek out a professional therapist.


The majority of the counselor’s time is spent supplying SEL lessons to the students and training to the staff.  Lessons are taught once a week in your child’s classroom with the help of teachers and aides.  At Castle Dale Elementary the SEL lessons are focussed around emotional resilience, problem-solving, self-regulation, impulse control, empathy, and much more.

The lessons taught are foundational and lasting.