Castle Dale Elementary School Registration Information

1)      Please use the Parent-Student Signature and Agreement Signature Sheet given to you or PRINT the form here. This and the Emergency Contact Sheet, which you can PRINT here if neededare the only forms of those on the following list that need to be returned to the school. The Signature page will need to be completed for EACH child that will be attending Castle Dale Elementary School during this school year. The Emergency Contact page can be filled out for multiple children on one paper.


2)      Read each of the following documents listed below and mark the corresponding checkbox on your registration form. Some questions require you to also choose "I DO" or "I DO NOT". Mark the box that reflects your choice on those as well. Please read these carefully and contact the school if you have any questions.


3)      Return the Parent-Student Signature and Agreement Signature Sheet  and the Emergency Contact Sheet to Castle Dale Elementary.


1. Student Acceptable Use Agreement (Internet Permission)
2. Bring Your Own Technology Policy 
3. Communication Policy
4. Social Media Policy
5. Internet Safety
6. Bus Rules and Transportation Policy
7. Emery County School District Compulsory Attendance Policy
8. Concussion / Head Injury Policy
9. School Fees Notice For Families of Children in Kindergarten Through Sixth Grades

10. District Health Insurance Information
11. Comprehensive School Counseling and Guidance Program

12. Vision Screening Information and Opt Out Form

13. Remind Text Sign Up (Optional, but encouraged.)

14. Swish Permission

15. Headphone Agreement 

16. Parent School Compact

17. Parent Engagement Policy

18. ***Signature Sheet ( Must be returned to the school) ***

19. ***Emergency Contact Sheet (Must be returned to the school) *** 


1. CDE Parking and Non-Parking Areas (Map)

2Free/Reduced Eligibility Guidelines 

3. Free/Reduced Application Instructions

4. Food Service Information and Prices for Monthly and Yearly Totals

5. Food Service Special Diets, Charges, Unpaid Meals, Wellness Policies

6C.H.I.P. (Utah's Children Health Insurance Program)

7. Medical Exam Form (Incoming Kindergarten)